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Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Why do I need a Resource Consent?
A  A Resource Consent is needed so council is able to control development so that resources meet infrastructure requirement and are able to manage growth in a way that keeps the community safe and the environment protected.

Q  What activities require a Resource Consent?
A  Any activities that are not permitted by the RMA, or by a rule in a plan, require a resource consent.

Q What types of Resource Consent are there?
A There are five types of Resource Consent:
  •        land use consent (Section 9 and 13)
  •        subdivision consent (Section 11)
  •        water permit (Section 14)
  •        discharge permit (Section 15)
  •        coastal permit.

Q  Are you able to carry out the whole consent process?
A  Yes, if  you want you can be involved as little or as much as you want
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