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Resource Management issues

Local Government requirements

District Plans and Policy help

Negotiation with council,
Document preparation,
Liaison with neighbours,
mediation, advocacy, and resolution

Don't let rules, regulations and bureaucracy ruin your dreams

I service Greater Auckland and beyond.
Buying, selling, developing, or making improvements?

My service ensures that your project has all the resource consent requirements,  that there is consultation with the appropriate parties and that all the necessary approvals and permits are sought.

I will take care of consent applications and ensure that all obligations have been met, so as to speed up the process.

From the outset, I will identify potential environmental impacts and advise on how these can best be dealt with.

I work to avoid potential conflicts with affected parties and the authorities,  through planning and execution of the process.

I undertsand the impact of legislation and the implications of local bylaws.

It's my job to see your project through with the minimum of delay, to avoid undue frustration.

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